The Crystal Ship - Vonda McIntyre/Joan D. Vinge/Marta Randall

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Publisher blurb: "Here, on the imagination of three young women writers, the reader is invited to visit the worlds of the future, where wonders and horrors await him. Take the title story, for instance, "The Crystal Ship" by Vinge, which tells of a tired old planet, torn between the decadent, dying, drug-soaked Star People, and the vibrant young animals who are their heirs.

Or consider little Redsun, of McIntrye's "Screwtop." A steaming, black-and-red planet, it boasts the toughest prison in the galaxy, where three ill-assorted beings learn to love and struggle for life.

And then there is the planet of the Taebish, as depicted by Randall, in "The City of Stone - a primitive world where men fight with spears for supremacy over one another. It should be easy for the advanced Terrans to invade and rape the land of its mineral riches, leaving desolation behind, shouldn't it? But it wasn't, for one of their own kind, also despoiled, was there to foil them.

Edited by Robert Silverberg, himself a prize-winning writer of science fiction, this trio of novellas gains insight and freshness from the youth and femininity of its authors and strength and power from their professionalism."

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