The Cowardly Lion of Oz - Ruth Plumly Thompson 1923 The Reilley & Lee Company vintage hardback

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Condition: Good: Good condition for a used book! Some wear. Corners bumped and light wear to spine. The illustrations are fantastic and plentiful. See images for the condition of this book. Please note: All illustrations are in black and white only but are still very charming.

Blurb: In the story, the Cowardly Lion believes that he has depleted the reserve of courage imbued in him by the Wizard (as told in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz). Someone soon misdirects the Lion into thinking that he can only replenish his courage by eating a courageous man. Since the Lion dislikes the notion of harming anyone, he resolves to do the deed as quickly as possible, and so embarks on his quest.

Unbeknownst to the Lion, he is being hunted by two would-be hunters: a circus clown named Notta Bit More, and an orphaned boy named Bobby Downs, whom Notta calls Bob Up. Notta accidentally said the magic spell that sent Bob and him to the Munchkin land of Mudge, where the tyrannical and cranky ruler, Mustafa, sends them on their quest: two cowardly lion hunters hunting a Cowardly Lion.

Series:  Oz Continued #17