The Celts - Nora Chadwick - 1970 Pelican Books

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Blurb: “A history of Celtic culture in Britain from its origins to its transformation under the Romans and Saxons.

The Celts possessed a self-contained and remarkable culture whose influence is by no means restricted to those parts of Britain traditionally regarded as 'Celtic'. A proud and independent nation developed from a number of smaller states; brilliant art and a unique way of life flourished, although the evidence of this, unfortunately, is often sketchy.

A noted Celtic scholar, Nora Chadwick spent much of her life researching this field. Here she describes the rise and spread of the Celts and their arrival in the British Isles in about the eighth century BC. Chapters on their literature and art, their institutions and religion, punctuate the historical narrative and provide an illuminating insight into the Celtic way of life.”