The Caves of Karst - Lee Hoffman - 1969 Ballantine Books Paperback Edition

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Rare female author sci-fi alert! Lee Hoffman, born Shirley Bell Hoffman, (August 14, 1932 in Chicago, Illinois – February 6, 2007 in Port Charlotte, Florida) was an American science fiction fan, an editor of early folk music fanzines, and an author of science fiction, Western and romance novels.

The caves held many secrets and a good living for any man willing to be adapted - to become a water-breather. Even if this meant they could never leave the planet, a select few found it worthwhile. Griffith was one. He was a loner who went his own way and didn't get involved with the politics of his planet, or with women, or with anything or anyone in particular. That was the way he wanted it. Until the day he came across a particularly good matrix containing thelemite and found the Colonial Authority and even the Divers' Guild after his hide.”