The Bride of Pilate - Esther Kellner - 1959 BCE Hardback

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Blurb: “Esther Kellner's family landed on the shores of New England in 1643 and moved slowly westward. They were among the first settlers in Indiana where they were leaders in the helds of religion, education and other humanitarian endeavors.

Mrs. Kellner has carried on the work started by her forbears with energy and enthusiasm. For many years she has worked with the mentally ill of her home city, Richmond, Indiana. Her first interest, however, has always been her career as a writer. She has written two previous novels, THE PROMISE and MARY OF NAZARETH. In addition, she has been an editor of a juvenile magazine and has written numerous stories for young people. Her interest in the juvenile field, she says, stems from a childhood on a farm, where she had to make up stories for her brothers and sisters because there were no books available

She is married and has one daughter, Jamie Lee.”