The Boy Allies on the North Sea Patrol - Robert L. Drake 1915 A. L. Burt & Co vintage hardback

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Blurb: “Help! Help!”

Frank Chadwick, strolling along the water-front in Naples, stopped suddenly in his tracks and gazed in the direction from whence had come the cry of distress.

“Help! Help!” came the cry again, in English.

Frank dashed forward toward a dirty-looking sailors’ boarding house, from the inside of which he could distinguish the sounds of a struggle.

As he sprang through the door, at the far end of the room he saw a little man in a red sweater, unmistakably an American, apparently battling for his life with two swarthy Italians, both armed with gleaming knives.

Frank jumped forward with a cry, and as he did so, the Italians turned and fled. The little American wiped his face on his sleeve, and then turned to Frank with outstretched hand.

“You came just in time,” he declared. “I thought it was all up with me.”

“I’m glad I did,” replied the lad, grasping the other’s hand.

“Yes, sir,” continued the little man. “If you hadn’t-a-come, them dagos would-a-done for me sure.”

He led the way to an adjoining room, Frank following him. He sat down at a table and rapped loudly upon it.

“Let’s have a drink,” he said, as a greasy-looking Italian in an even more greasy apron entered the room.

“Thanks,” replied Frank; “but I don’t drink.”

“Oh, come on now,” urged the other; “take something.”

Series: (The Boy Allies)