The Big Eye - Max Ehrlich - 1958 Bantam Books Paperback

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Cover art: Mitchell Cooks

Blurb: “shockingly realistic novel about a world faced with certain annihilation -

with only two years left for all the laughing and loving of a lifetime”

these were the days of darkness-the last days and hours before the end of the world. Every man, woman and child watched the slow, relentless approach of darkness and doom, helpless, bewildered.

It wasn't just a state of mind. It was a Presence.

You could almost smell the fear. It had feel and texture, like a stifling shroud. It had movement like a slow creeping paralysis, reaching clammy fingers into every crevice.

Then suddenly the panic was forgotten, and a new

awareness gripped the people. The basis for ordinary peacetime law doesn't exist in a world without a future. And out of the growing rumble of human passions a new kind of law began to evolve the law of a world without a future.