The Best of C.M. Kornbluth - Edited by Frederik Pohl 1976 Hardback - Gary Viskupic Cover

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Blurb: “The Best of C. M. Kornbluth is a collection of science fiction and fantasy short stories by American author C. M. Kornbluth, edited by Frederik Pohl. 

The book contains nineteen short works of fiction and an afterword by the author (reprinted from his 1954 collection The Explorers), together with an introduction by editor Frederik Pohl.

An Appreciation / essay by Frederik Pohl
The Rocket of 1955 (1939)
The Words of Guru (1941)
The Only Thing We Learn (1949)
The Adventurer (1953)
The Little Black Bag (1950) (fan favorite!)
The Luckiest Man in Denv (1952)
The Silly Season (1950)
The Remorseful (1953)
Gomez (1954)
The Advent on Channel Twelve (1958)
The Marching Morons (1951)
The Last Man Left in the Bar (1957)
The Mindworm (1950)
With These Hands (1951)
Shark Ship (1958) = variant of Reap the Dark Tide
Friend to Man (1951)
The Altar at Midnight (1952)
Dominoes (1953)
Two Dooms (1958)”