The Best American Humorous Short Stories - Robert N. Linscott 1945 Modern Library HBDJ

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Condition:  Good: Good condition for a used book! Some wear. See images for the condition of this book.

Blurb: Edited, with an introductory note, by Robert N. Linscott

Swallowing an oyster alive by John S. Robb
How daddy played hoss by George W. Harris
The Shakers by Artemus Ward
Mrs. McWilliams and the lightning by Mark Twain
Journalism in Tennessee by Mark Twain
Brother rabbit takes some exercise by Joel Chandler Harris
How brother rabbit frightened his neighbors by Joel Chandler Harris
How Mr. Rooster lost his dinner by Joel Chandler Harris
Colonel Starbottle for the plaintiff by Bret Harte
A piece of red calico by Frank R. Stockton
Mr. Dooley on the game of football by Finley Peter Dunne
Pigs is pigs by Ellis Parker Butler
The ransom of Red Chief by O. Henry
Little gentleman by Booth Tarkington
Three without doubled by Ring Lardner
Mr. and Mrs. Fix-It by Ring Lardner
Death of red peril by Walter D. Edmonds
Travel is so broadening by Sinclair Lewis
The crazy fool by Donald Ogden Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Haddock abroad by Donald Ogden Stewart
Benny and the bird-dogs by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
The legislature by James M. Cain
The little hours by Dorothy Parker
But the one on the right by Dorothy Parker
The snatching of Bookie Bob by Damon Runyon
An interesting cure by Frank Sullivan
Gendarmes and the man by Donald Moffat
Carnival days in sunny Las Los by Robert Benchley
The guest by Marc Connelly
Primrose path by Sally Benson
The secret life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber
The night the bed fell by James Thurber
The night the ghost got in by James Thurber
University days by James Thurber
The man who hated Moonbaum by James Thurber
Father and his hard-rocking ship by Clarence Day
The prince by Ruth McKenney
Chocolate for the woodwork by Arthur Kober
The terrible vengeance of H*Y*M*A*N K*A*P*L*A*N by Leonard Q. Ross
Hand in nub by St. Clair McKelway
Down with the Restoration by S.J. Perelman
Kitchen bouquet by S.J. Perelman
Dental or mental, I say it's spinach by S.J. Perelma