The Beast - Robert Stallman - 1982 Pocket Book Timescape Paperback - Richard Clifton-Dey Cover

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Cover art: Richard Clifton-Dey

Blurb: “The Beast has become a man and is heading towards his final goal. As a child he hunted the frightened night creatures, left a musky trail and tore flesh from splintered bones. But the Beast has invaded the bodies of several people. Now, as Barry, he has a wife and young family to protect. A chance meeting with a beautiful young Indian leads him to a Navajo reservation where he discovers the astounding possibility of the Great Leap which will take them both into another dimension. The Beast needs to go. Barry the man has to stay. Concludes the trilogy which started with The Orphan and included The Captive. 

Series: Book of the Beast Trilogy (#3)