The Art of Coarse Acting - Michael Green - 1968 Hutchinson & Company Hardback

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Condition: Acceptable. Please see the images for more details. Water damage to dust jacket.

Blurb: “Michael Green, whose famous investigations into Coarse Rugby and Coarse Sailing have all proved best-sellers, now turns his attention to amateur dramatics. As one who claims personally to have wrecked many amateur shows he catalogues a series of misfortunes which would make a producer's hair curl, from the time when someone blew up the Church Hall while trying to imitate an explosion, to the occasion when a fellow-actor fell off-stage in a blackout and had to escape by crawling through the emergency exit. Here is a complete guide for the Coarse Actor and backstage worker which will provide not only hours of amusement but dozens of invaluable practical tips ('Always hand your cigarette to the stage manager as you walk on. No amateur producer dare let his cast read a word.”