The Adventures of Terra Tarkington - Sharon Webb - 1985 Bantam Paperback

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Meet Terra Tarkington, member in good standing of the Interstellar Nurses Corps. She joined up to aid her fellow beings and see the universe. But she got a little more than se bargained for when her first assignment took her all the way to the Bull Run. She's having some trouble adjusting to a steady diet of tuberoid muck-suckers and operating alongside of giant cockroaches: even after Dr. Scott (handsome, intelligent HUMAN Dr, Brian-Scott) joins the hospital staff, her life on the Bull Run just seems to consist of one glitch piled on top of another. Of course, what Terra doesn't know is that she's become a pawn in an intergalactic game of spy-vs-spy between the Galactic Intelligence Agency (GIA) and the dreaded KBG. And before the game ends, she and her dear Dr. Brian-Scott will find themselves hurtling between the stars with the fate of the entire universe resting literally in their hands! Come. Meet one of the most loveable, laughable heroines in this or any other galaxy. Join in her astonishing adventures as she sets out to make the universe a safer, healthier and far more hilarious place to live in. She is out to heal the universe, and steal your heart!

Dr. Brian Scott arrives just in time for Terra to avoid re-thinking species compatibility in the absence of any remotely human companionship. On Terra's determined way to romance, the couple become pawns in intergalactic espionage plots. Throughout various adventures, our intrepid heroine manages to keep her focus on the main priority — to not lose her only human contact or sense of humor.

Portions if this novel originally appeared serially in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, usually as if a collection of letters from the heroine.”