Temperance Physiology for Intermediate Classes and Common Schools - Palmer 1884 A. S. Barnes vintage hardback

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Condition: Acceptable: Signs of wear and consistent use. About the condition you might expect for 137 years old book! The first 6 pages corner have been folded over for a long time and are fragile/brittle at the fold but the rest of the book is fine. Cloth board is starting to separate from the spine. Moderate bumping and rubbing to top and bottom of spine and corners of boards. Covers are dull and discolored along one side of the front board. Despite the soiled aging, it is still a very attractive rare find. The illustrations are fantastic though and so is the really cool font.  See images for the condition of this book.

Blurb: Woman's Christian temperance union. National department of scientific instruction. This book was prepared to meet the demands of New York, Vermont, Michigan, New Hampshire and Rhode Island for intermediate grades of schools. Since the law says that Physiology and Hygiene with special reference to the effects of alcoholic drinks shall be studied by all pupils in the public schools, such of the obvious facts of Physiology as would render hygiene intelligible have been included.