Telepath - Arthur Sellings - 1962 Ballantine Books Paperback - Richard Powers Cover

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Cover artist: Richard Powers

Blurb: “Telepathic power has fascinated mankind for generations. We know that it exists in certain gifted
individuals but little is known of how it works or
of the line that marks the difference between
sensing emotions in others and conveying, or re-
ceiving, reasoned information. Still less is known
of how it feels to be a telepath. In his first original novel to be published by Ballan-
tine Books, Arthur Sellings enters the minds of
two people who are total telepaths; that is, they
communicate with one another both emotionally
and intellectually, without words - and without
volition. This is a terrifying experience”

First novel by Robert Arthur Gordon Ley (1911-68).
Issued later in Britain as THE SILENT SPEAKERS (1963)...