Technogenesis - Syne Mitchell - 2002 Roc Books Paperback - Ray Lundgren Cover

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Obscure book right here that’s pretty hard to find: only 166 reviews on Goodreads! A super respectable downright impressive 3.91/5 review average

Publisher Blurb: “In a near future where almost everyone on earth is connected to a worldwide net, Jasmine Reese discovers the existence of an intelligence called Gestalt-a self-aware entity generated by the collected consciousness of eight billion networked people. And only Jaz can stop it from controlling the world.”

Great Review from Brown Robin on Goodreads back in 2020: “Sometimes I crave a thick, complex, chewy tale of machine intelligence and social change set in a fast-paced future full of portents, strife and intimations of cosmic meaning...and sometimes I want a story about folks coming to terms with the unpredictable consequences of technological developments, presented at a lower bit-rate that allows me to savor the story.

This is the latter. It won't change your life, or sweep the awards, but this is a terrific way to cleanse your palate after reading Dave Marusek or Greg Egan, yet very much in the same subgenre.”