Tea From An Empty Cup - Pat Cadigan - 1999 Tor Books Paperback

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Cover art: Bruce Jensen

Blurb: “"How can you drink tea from an empty cup?"

That ancient Zen riddle holds the key to a baffling mys-tery: a young man found with his throat slashed while locked alone in a virtual reality parlor.

The secret of this enigmatic death lies in an apocalyptic cyberspace shadow-world where nothing is certain, and even one's own identity can change in an instant.

"Take it to the next level! Tea from an Empty Cup is hot, fast, and savagely in control, a voyage to a realm where everything's possible and anything goes, by an author who knows the difference between what's real and what matters. Crank it up, and play it loud." Michael Swanwick

"Cadigan's first novel in five years exhibits the author's high-impact prose style, eminently suitable for a voyage into the world of high-tech SF.' Library Journal

"A tightly plotted, crisply written novel that fits the classic noir mystery template set down by the likes of Raymond Chandler more comfortably than anything William Gibson has ever written." Andrew Leonard, Salon Magazine”