Sword of the Gael - Andrew J. Offutt - 1975 1st Zebra Books - Jeff Jones Cover

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Cover art: Jeff Jones

Blurb: "What dark sorcery sends into my brain these memories that cannot be memories, for a full thousand lifetimes separate me from Atlantis! But... I was there, ever the warrior, ever slaying so that I must come back, and back..."

Thus haunted by images of a past stretching back to the beginning of time, Cormac Mac Art and his comrade, Wulfhere Skull-Splitter, are hurled through a swirling maelstrom on their ship, Wolfsail, to a faraway shore. There, Cormac joins up with the Princess Samaire and sets out on a fantastic adventure to regain the throne that rightfully belongs to... Sword of the Gael.