Stray Dog - Carol Beach York - 1981 Paperback

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Blurb: “In the schoolyard, on a cold and dreary autumn afternoon, 11-year-old Frankie Farrell first saw the black Doberman with tan markings. A friendly, lonely animal, she followed him home. His mother, however, did not allow animals inside the house. So Frankie, with Velma, his 12-year old school friend, and his brother and sister, hid the dog in the barn, and managed to feed it— and save its life.

Soon their lives revolve around the pet, and she makes a difficult winter much easier to get through. The children take on their added responsibilities with a joy they had not before experienced, and they learn a lot in the months they care for the animal.

Then they notice that she is changing, and they are told that she will be having puppies.

The children delight in the new animals, but are stunned at the fate of their dog. And they have to learn a new lesson: that caring and loving are most important when life makes them hard to give.

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