Star Songs of an Old Primate - James Tiptree, Jr. - 1978 Paperback

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Condition: Acceptable. Please see the images for lore details.

Intro by Le Guin

Blurb: “A marvelous medley of Tiptree's best - YOUR HAPLOID HEART - When Ian Suitlov and Pax Patton landed on Esthaa to check for humans, the job wasn't as easy as it appeared. Though the natives seemed human enough, only cross breeding would be conclusive proof. But how were they to prove anything, when sex was punishable by death? THE PSYCHOLOGIST WHO WOULDN'T DO AWFUL THINGS TO RATS - Dr Tilly Lipsitz hated his name, loved his rats... and would be out of a job if he didn't come up with a real zinger of an experiment soon. He didn't have much in mind until he took a midnight trip to his lab and learned more than he would have thought possible. SHE WAITS FOR ALL MEN BORN - she had eyes that could not see, but without sight she had powers that went far beyond those of all who came upon her.

Your Haploid Heart (1969)
And So On, and So On (1971)
Her Smoke Rose Up Forever (1974)
A Momentary Taste of Being (1975)
Houston, Houston, Do You Read? (1976)
The Psychologist Who Wouldn't Do Awful Things to Rats (1976)
She Waits for All Men Born (1976)”