Star Quest - Robert E. Mills - 1978 Paperback Edition

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Blurb: “In a distant universe far, far, far into the future, the Great Peace was shattered by the evil forces of the Dark Empire. Out of the hell of the planet Flaigon, Lord Blorg of the reptiloid race Ysss ripped across the galaxies creating evil, pain and death. Red Rian and the crew of the starship Hazard joined the League of Free Worlds to oppose Blorg's Death Legion. 

But could Red Rian do it alone, or would the proud space pirate need the help of the ancient Fellowship of Light?“

Random Internet Reviewer: "Riding the Star Wars fame this trilogy pretty much mirrors the storyline. The good guys even have their own version of the Force. All the major Star Wars characters & themes are there: Luke, Leia, Han, Chewy, Vader, The Evil Empire, just with different names."

Series: Star Quest #1