Star Bright - Martin Caidin - 1980 Bantam Paperback Edition

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Burning with the pure raging fury of countless suns, energy feeding on everything it touches, growing. Project Star Bright, top secret nuclear experiment, is now beyond control. Is this the way the world ends?

DR. OWEN KIMBERLY. Abducted by Federal agents to stop the destruction of the planet...if anyone can.
ANGELA DOBSON. Battling at Dr. Kimberly's side, giving more of herself than the world will ever know.
DR. RICHARD CLAYTON. Head of Project Star Bright, now living the nightmare he said could never happen.
DR. KATHY FARREL. Despite her cool brilliance, unprotected against the fear that grips mankind.
ARTHUR WHITESON. President of the United States, grabbing at any means in his power to stop the inevitable....”