Stamp Collecting Why and How - Prescott Holden Thorp - 1929 Hardback

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Blurb: “Stamp collecting—Philately—is a Hobby. It is one of the great cultural pursuits of our nation and of several other nations, notably England, France, Germany, and Switzerland, of importance in the order named. It is of lesser importance but nevertheless with substantial numbers of followers in the Benelux nations, Italy, Spain and generally throughout Europe.
In Asia, China and Japan have long been important
centers of Stamp collecting. The Straits Settlements,
Thailand, Indonesia, India, all have important philatelic
centers and in such remote places as Afghanistan and
Ethiopia one will find stamp dealers. Many nations of-
ficially take cognizance of the hobby and newly born
nations have embraced the hobby as an important means of developing the "person to person" efforts to have all peoples of the world understand and live at peace with each other.