Space Opera - Edited by Brian Aldiss - BCE Hardback - Features Colony by Philip K. Dick

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Blurb: “In this collection, Brian Aldiss honors science fiction's little sister: space opera.

Space opera is full of "melodrama, dreams, and a seasoning of screwy ideas, and these fourteen stories (written between 1900 and the pres-ent) run the gamut-from an unusual honeymoon on Venus to a cataclysm threatening to destroy the universe. A few tales are set on earth, but most take place on other planets, other solar systems, to the far reaches of the galaxy in the distant and sometimes not-so-distant future.

Sprinkled with Bradbury, van Vogt, Dick, Asimov, and Sheckley, the vol ume also contains lesser-known authors whose stories have never been reprinted before.“