Space On My Hands - Fredric Brown - 1980 Bantam Books Paperback

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Blurb: “Nine startling adventures of humans and other beings, by the first master of science fiction and fantasy, Fredric Brown. 

“Brown really is the best mid-century science fiction writer you don't know you've read.” io9


The Zans had descended upon Earth in. their spaceship mountain, sending out vibratory waves that had destroyed everything instantly. Now, Walter Phelan, the only man to survive, sat alone in a room … and someone was trying to get in …

Stories of the sudden, revealing and unforgettable flash of imagination — a choice collection of outrageous characters who inhabit Fredric Brown’s futuristic world, including:

The man who lost thirty years but would settle for something — anything — green. Will McGarry and Dorothy ever return home?

The man who learned how to beat the lie detector — once and for all. The Chicago underworld appears transformed, but there is no accounting for the new crime rate. Cops, judges and juries have a lot of catching up to do…

Roger Jerome Phlutter — a young man has been working tirelessly to fulfil his dream of becoming an astronaut, but a sudden disturbance sends the world of astrology into overdrive. Are the stars trying to send an urgent message?

George Vine visits the asylum — an apparent diagnosis of amnesia and a strange affinity with Napoleon, forces Vine into revealing a dangerous secret. How mad must patients really be to die in the asylum?

Space on My Hands is a gripping collection of science fiction stories from master of the genre, Fredric Brown.

Further praise for Fredric Brown:

“One of the most durable writers of sf's golden age” Booklist

“a distinctive and unique voice in the sf community” Library Journal

“Brown is possibly at his best in these shorter forms” The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

FREDRIC BROWN was born in Cincinnati in 1906, and was educated in the public schools of that city, and at Hanover College. Among his numerous successful novels are: The Screaming Mimi, The Far Cry and Night of the Jabberwock. He is also well known for his short story collections, among them Nightmares and Geezenstacks and Space on My Hands. He died in 1972 in Tucson, Arizona.

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