Soldier of Arete - Gene Wolfe - Hardback Edition 1989 First Edition ExLib

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Condition: Acceptable. This is a former library book. Please see images. The exterior dust jacket looks pretty good. There are stamps on the pages. Book has remnants and stories of a former life in a library.

Blurb: "Of all mortals, Latro was the least favoured - or the most.

The wound that had destroyed his memory had given him the ability to see the unseen: the world of the gods, the demi-gods and the fabulous.

Each day events were entered on a scroll so that the next morning he could know his friends, his rivals and have some understanding of what had gone before.

He had fought with Xerxes at Thermopylae and been driven from Athenian Greece. Now with his companions, Io the slave girl and Seven Lions the African warrior, he was travelling among the Thracians and the Amazons, seeking both his future and his past.