So Wondrous Free - Maryhelen Clague - 1979 Signet Books Paperback

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Blurb: “While the War for Independence was raging across the Hudson River, beautiful Abigail Colson risked a daring escape from the cruel and vulgar masters to whom she was indentured. But her freedom was short-lived, for she was soon captured by David Lindsey, a dashing British officer who found in her eyes a spirit to match his own, and in the loveliness of her body a fire that betrayed her passion. Although Abigail was tempted by the pleasures that David offered her, she was driven by a restless, surging desire for John Hamilton, the gallant, tender rebel colonel she had known long ago. And amidst the fury of two countries at war, she followed her heart along a treacherous path to fulfillment and freedom- and into the arms of the one man who had intoxicated her with wondrous dreams of liberty - and wild, rapturous love....”