So Close To Home - James Blish - 1961 Ballantine Books Paperback - Richard Powers Cover

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Cover artist: Richard Powers

What the internet says: Out of this collection: Folks seem to enjoy: … the three super worthwhile stories are –“The Oath” (1960), “Testament of Andros” (1953), and “The Masks” (1959).

Blurb: “James Blish, author of Hugo Award winning A Case of Conscience, has selected a group of his own stories about futures that may be just around the corner. To these he has added a brand new story, "The Abattoir Effect," which has never appeared anywhere else before.

With customary, but still astonishing attention to ingenious detail, Blish leads one through a series of lively and entertaining stories which could become fact - as indeed have so many stories which, not so long ago, we're considered wild flights of imagination.

Most of the world doesn't pretend to understand the technological developments of the past twenty or thirty years. But all people can understand the effects of these advances because it is Joe Doaks who lives with them - or dies because of them. And so it is with effects that James Blish is most concerned, the immediate, urgent and often very personal results involved for people who can't tell a fission from a fusion. But who still know a good story when they read one.”