Slaves of Sleep - L. Ron Hubbard - 1967 Lancer Books Paperback

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Cover Artist: Frank Kelly Freas

Release a Jinn from a bottle - according to legend - and he becomes your slave. But Zongri was an unusual Jinn - evil, malicious, and thoroughly angry at having been kelp imprisoned for thousands of years. Instead of thanking young Jan Palmer for freeing him, he cursed Jan - with the curse of "eternal wakefulness".

Jan had enough trouble in his own world. Meek and bookish, he stood accused of murder, and no one would believe him innocent. But his trouble more than doubled as the curse sent him into another world every time he fell asleep. In this other existence, he had a separate identity - that of Tiger, swashbuckling adventurer and warrior against the ruling demons. The odds were against him everywhere - and he could die in either world at any moment!”