Slave Planet - Laurence M. Janifer - 1963 1st Pyramid Books Paperback

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Cover artist: Jack Gaughan


johnny dodd:
he had everything a man could want on Fruyling's World - except freedom from the horror of being there.

dr. haenlingen: icy, reserved, the architect of the system that kept men on top and aliens enslaved.

norma: warm and human, she was Dodd's one hope for salvation.


he did what he was told... until the Masters told him to die.

marvor: the first of his race to have an independent idea - an idea that was dangerous and deadly.

dara: green and reptilian, but beautiful enough to inspire Cadnan to the slave world's worst crime.

As the space fleets of an outraged Terran Confederation close in on the outlaw planet of Fruyling's World, the destinies of slave and master meet explosively, and from the shock of battle and its aftermath come an unexpected and awesome conclusion.”