Six-Gun Planet - John Jake’s - 1970 Paperback

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Blurb: “A science-fiction satire on the Old West that separates the men from the myths.

Pacifist Zak Randolph got immediately to the point. "Buster, maybe you've heard that Buffalo Yung is in town."

• Dr. Buster Levinsohn nodded. "Yes, my boy, I have seen him. Buffalo Yung. From all that I have heard in my journeyings, the genuine article. Atrocious grammar. Mustaches to here. Plus those pearl-handled beauties he carries. And those hovering black harpies of the Pit; those three easy riders who follow him everywhere to scrape up his victims ... I also understand he's called you out.

It is the story of how off-worlder Zak Randolph is forced into a showdown with the leg. endary gunslinger, Buffalo Yung. It is guaranteed to provoke every SF reader- one way or another.

It’s meaningful, relevant-and funny!”