Searching For Alien Life - Dennis Brindell Fradin - 1997 Twenty-First Century Books Hardback

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where in the universe. Using modern telescopes, we can peer far into the past and eavesdrop on the cosmos.

Scientists think that the beginnings of life may occur in any number of places once thought too inhospitable such as Mars, or Jupiter's moon Europa. But is there life as we know it elsewhere, or are we alone in the void?

Searching for Alien Life tells the story of efforts to answer these ques-tions. The book discusses the worldwide SETI project, which uses radio telescopes to track signals from outer space in the hope that some alien life is trying to contact us. It considers UFOs, both from the point of view of those who think UFOs are alien visitors and from those who are convinced they are not. And it looks at the problems involved in long-distance space travel and colonization.

This book will open your eyes and ears to the mysteries of the stars.”