Schismatrix Plus - Bruce Sterling - 1996 Ace Books Paperback - Danilo Ducak Cover

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Cover art:  Danilo Ducak

This is our April selection for our 2024 Reading Challenge!

Blurb: “In the last decade Bruce Sterling has emerged a pioneer of crucial, cutting-edge science fiction, his work lauded by critics and contemporaries alike. Now for the first time in one volume comes every word Bruce Sterling has ever written on the world of the Schismatrix-where the Shaper revolutionaries struggle against the aristocratic Mechanists for ultimate control of mankind's destiny. Experience the classic full-length novel, Schismatrix, plus thousands of words of mindbending short fiction from a storytelling master in overdrive. It's tough. It's timeless.

It's vintage Sterling.

"Sterling is a writer of excellent fineness. In point of fact, I am somewhat awed by his abilities." — Harlan Ellison”