Runesword Vol. 1: Outcasts - Clayton Emery - Paperback

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Cover art: Larry Elmore

Blurb: “In the beginning, the runeswords were created ..and were lost. Forged by dwarves and tempered in the blood of a god, these magnificent blades hold a devastating power which only the Dark Lord himself would dare to wield. Now. the enchanted swords must be found

-and destroyed-before the monstrous Lord and his minions use the blades in their final and darkest triumph.

The world's only hope lies in the hands of.


Elizebith, rebellious daughter of an evil sorceress. Hathor, an ogre who has sworn off his people's barbaric. carnivorous ways. Cal. an orphan-warrior and outlaw. And Endril a world-weary elfin archer.

Can these four unlikely allies put their magical wits to work and take on the Dark Lord's troops?

For the runeswords must be destroyed-and time is running out!”