Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) Level 1-5 Set No Headset

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Condition: Good condition. Opened box, no headphones. CD's untested but appears as if never used. 

Blurb: You can assimilate into a Latin American culture with minimal effort using Rosetta Stone Spanish software to absorb the language quickly. Levels 1 through 5 can help you learn, speak, and write fluently. This program is mentored by native speakers employing learning tools for pronunciation. While in the car commuting to work, you can use the companion CDs or mobile apps to practice speaking. You can work on conversational skills or learn to communicate about relevant topics of the day like politics or current events. Before long, the dialect can become second nature. You can converse naturally about what you like and dislike regarding food, moods, and more. The Rosetta Stone Spanish software can provide insightful lessons.