Rogue Bolo - Keith Laumer - 1986 Baen Books - Vincent Di Fate Cover

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Blurb: “From "An Abbreviated History of the Bolo". The direct ancestor of the Bolo was constructed in the late 1990's. This machine, at one hundred fifty tons, was essentially a bigger and better tank; although it was capable of performing crewless patrol duty, it carried a crew of three in bat-tle. The Mark Il of 1999 was less dependent on human guidance. With its enhanced on-board fire control and guidance computers it required only one crewman for full battlefield operation.

In a sense, the Mark Ill of 2020 was a step backward: it required two operators. But the Mark Ill packed more effective firepower than an infantry battalion of the time, and its durachrome hull could withstand an atomic blast. The first Bolo designed to operate without direct human guidance was the Mark XV. The first self-aware Bolo was the Mark XX.

By the time of the Bolo Mark XXX, human strategic thinking was no longer required.”