Robin Kane: The Mystery of the Blue Pelican - Eileen Hill 1966 Whitman Publishing Co vintage hardback

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Blurb: 13 year old Robin Kane has a one track mind - her favorite horse Nugget who belongs to her best friend Mindy (whose father is a movie and tv producer). Nugget gets stolen very early in the book during a totally unnecessary subplot regarding a movie shoot and a famous Irish film star (begorrah, look at me leprechauns, potatoes potatoes potatoes). Robin loses her mind and can't think of anything else but her horse, so ditches her job being an extra on the unnecessary movie shoot and rides off with Mindy to find the horse. On the way they encounter some evil cattle rustlers who Robin wants to confront and say "where is my horse?" but Mindy talks some sense into her by reminding her that the cattle rustlers have a big gun and just talked about murdering their colleague. 

Series: (Robin Kane #1)