Revolt in the Desert - T.E. Lawrence 1927 George H Doran Co vintage HB Map

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Condition: Acceptable: Signs of wear and consistent use. Pictorial endpapers, roughcut pages. Large map in back of book is intact which makes this book rare. .  Foxing. See images for the condition of this book.  First American printing stated.

Blurb: "This was the less detailed version of T E Lawrence's Seven Pillars of Wisdom , edited down from the original. Lawrence didn't want the general public to see any book by or about him, but he needed money after Arabia, to live on."

"In this book Lawrence writes down the very basics of guerrilla warfare which all insurgency is based upon.
It's a kind of Sun Tsu for the 20th Century - The Art of Insurgency.

"For anyone who wants to understand how a few thousand men can tie down an army of millions this is a must read."