Return to Earth - Buzz Aldrin & Wayne Warga - 1973 Random House Hardback

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Blurb: “After his historic walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin returned to earth a hero.

This is his story of that daring exploit-and of the troubled personal odyssey which followed.

Colonel Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin,Jr., with Wayne Warga


is the first candid "inside" look at the human side of the space program. It is the story of Buzz Aldrin, who returned to earth from the historic first landing on the moon to begin a long and troubled odyssey-an ordeal that involved a secret mental depression and the near dissolution of his marriage.

It is the revelation, in Aldrin's own words, of one of the most daring exploits in history and of what happened afterward: The intense training. The celebrated first touchdown on the moon. The instant—and unex-pected—fame and notoriety, and the difficult adjustment of becoming a public person-ality. The demanding world-wide public relations tour for NASA for which his rigid training, from West Point through the astronaut corps,

had never prepared him. The

near impossibility of reconciling his public image as a hero to the realities of being a husband, father and pilot-academician. The adulation from women everywhere. The serious love affair that nearly tore his home apart. The continuing emotional and mental pressure which led him to seek psychiatric 

help and enter a hospital for treatment. And, finally, the long and deep look inside himself and the road back to health.

Besides being a moving personal confes-sion, RETURN TO EARTH is the most fascinating view we have had of the space program: an unusually candid-and often humorous and occasionally controversial— view of the politicking behind the scenes; the rivalry among the astronauts, both within the space program and for the public's attention; the deprocessing after the flights.

RETURN TO EARTH is the unique and honest story of a man who journeyed to another planet to begin the most highly personal journey a man can undertake: the attempt to find himself.“