Retread Shop - T. Jackson King - 1998 Tom Kid Cover Art

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Blurb: “Retread Shop--an alien-controlled galactic bazaar of unimaginable wealth, rigid caste systems, and ancient cutthroat rivalries. Young Billy McGuire, its only human, was unwanted, scorned, and forced to steal for his living. But now he has a patron, a mysterious alien trader and a new ambition--to become the Shop's first human merchant no matter what the odds!”

Review from the Internet

"The writing is sharp, the plotting tight, and the twists ingenious. It would be worth reading, if only for the beautiful delineations of alien races working with and against one another against the background of an interstellar marketplace. The story carries you . . . with a verve and vigor that bodes well for future stories by this author. Recommended." -- Science Fiction Review