Rescue in Mirkwood - Gerald Lientz - Tolkien Quest - 1986 Berkley Paperback

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Blurb: A game manual for middle earth roleplaying game. Similar to Choose Your Own Adventure books, but more in-depth.

Summary of adventure: "The Ring is destroyed and Sauron defeated, but deep within the dark forest of Mirkwood, danger lurks. Captured by Orcs, a son of Elvish nobility is held in chains, his days numbered. You have been asked by an Elvish princess to help her find her brother and free him. Legolas has offered his counsel, and Radagast might be persuaded to provide a guardian owl. The reward is great - but great enough to face Giant Spiders and a legion of Orcs? Only you can decide!"

Condition: Acceptable. Missing corner out of cover top right. Please see the images for more details. Cover is dettaching from the front spine... see image for this. Writing on inside of one of the character record sections but it is in pencil and could easily be erased.

Illustrations: Liz Danforth and Richard Britton

Series: Tolkein Quest/Middle Earth Quest #3