Refrigeration and Air Conditioning - W.F. Stoecker 1958 McGraw Hill vintage HB

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Condition: Acceptable:  Pocket in back of book filled with HVAC Foldout Diagram Graphs. See images for the condition of this book.

Blurb:   The definitive, classic text for any level course on refrigeration, refrigeration and air conditioning, and environmental control in buildings. It is an equipment-oriented textbook that applies theoretical results of engineering theories to refrigeration and air conditioning engineering problems. This enables the student to understand both common and uncommon problems in designing, selecting and applying air conditioning and refrigeration components and systems. The material has been updated to apply to the new Environmental Protection Agency requirements and to the new technology developed in response to the energy crisis. New to this edition is a discussion of solar energy; coverage of the basic principles of acoustics and noise control (in relation to air conditioning systems), fans and ducts, pumps and piping, and air conditioning units.