Reduction in Arms - Tom Purdom - 1971 Berkley Medallion Books Paperback - Paul Lehr Cover

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Cover Artist: Paul Lehr

Publisher Blurb: “At long last, the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. had come to an agreement about weapon controle, a genuine rediction in arms.

How was it maintained? By dedicated arms inspectors, backed by all teh technology available to determined governments.

But there were hawks on both sides wo resented the agreement, and were resolved to overturn in. Particularly in a Presidential election year.

In Russia, a famous microbiologist was confined to a mental home, in a planned environment of great complexity. Was it for real? Or was it a well-equipped laboratory in which he could steal a march on the U.S. - and bury the treaty.”
Review blurb on Goodreads from J. McEvoy: “Written in the 70s, Reduction in Arms posits a near future in which the US and USSR have agreed a nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Inspectors from the US can tour facilities in the USSR unannounced, and vice versa. A US inspection team notes a missing Soviet scientist has been seen at an installation near Moscow and arranges an inspection - the Soviets are reluctant to permit the team inside and the installation goes into lockdown, thereby causing an international crisis...

Rather gripping throughout, Purdom's sadly obscure novel does not portray the Soviets as the villains of the piece, rather it is an examination of the frailties involved in national security on both sides.”