Rampart Street - Everett and Olga Webber - 1948 2nd E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc. Hardback

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Blurb: “Rampart Street” by Everett and Olga Webber is a historical novel set in 18th-century New Orleans, capturing the vibrant and tumultuous atmosphere of the era. The story revolves around Captain John Carrick and his entanglements with three women: Elizabeth d’Ivre, Simone, and Rafaelle. Elizabeth, who fled from a gambler to marry Carrick, is shot in revenge by her former lover. Simone, a powerful madam, tries to control Carrick through financial leverage but fails. Rafaelle, an octoroon saved from the auction block by Carrick, loves him deeply, and despite societal constraints, their marriage after Elizabeth’s death is fraught with complications. The novel delves into themes of piracy, smuggling, and the complex social dynamics of New Orleans, making it a rich narrative of love and adventure.”