Rake’s Ransom - Barbara Meltzger - 1989 Zebra Books Paperback

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When the local magistrate jailed facelyn Trevaine's pet dog as a public nuisance, the country miss knew he meant to blackmail her into socializing with his nephew. High-spirited Facelyn decided to free her dog by kidnapping the precious nephew-but unfortunately she abducted the wrong gentleman!

Her captive was none other than handsome Lord Leigh

Claibourne-returned war hero and rake extraordinaire. And four hours alone with the libertine Earl was tantamount to social ruin. Of course if she was already ruined, facelyn may as well give society something to be scandalized about...


Clabourne found country life tiresome and dull... until he was kidnapped by an irrepressible chit whose candor was utterly disarming. Even rakes have their points of honor, however, and when the situation threatened to compromise Facelyn, the cynical nobleman was forced to give the appearance of being betrothed to her. Claibourne never gave something for nothing.

And in the case of the deliciously appealing Facelyn, he'd hold her reputation hostage-for Rake’s Ransom!