Question and Answer - Poul Anderson - 1978 Michael Whelan Cover Art Paperback Edition

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Blurb: "No Home For Man" - "For many years the starships of earth searched the heavens and places where men could live. Many planets were found, but always something was wrong: too hot; too cold; atmospheric contaminants; poisonous biochemistry; intelligent natives - something. At last, a deep-space survey vessel has reported a planet that seems perfect, an uninhabitable paradise where people can roam free. But the first Troas Expedition never returns. And now the crew of the De Gama must find out why, or mankind will lose the stars forever.."

One reviewer said: "This is a fine example of Anderson's 50s SF, with a multi-cultural crew trying to fathom the nature of the aliens they make contact with on a previously unexplored planet."