Pulling Through - Dean Ing - 1983 Ace Books Paperback (RARE)

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HARVE RACKHAM, bounty hunter, race-car driver.

His best friend is a hunting cheetah. Harve has turned his California home into a survival shelter.

He intends to pull through.

SHAR McKAY, Harve's little sister. Shar's latest fad is nuclear survival. She intends for her husband and kids to all pull through.

ERNEST McKAY, engineer. He has the knowledge and skills to save his family. With his help they' 11 all pull through.

KATE GALLO, runaway, forger, a tough street sur-vivor. She's trouble-but when real troubles come down, Kate will always pull through.

Dean Ing has thought a lot about survival, and he wants as many of you as possible to pull through the inevitable disaster of nuclear war.

That's why hes written this more-than-a-novel.

Dean Ing lays all the cards on the table in this one.

The story tells why. The articles and blue-prints tell how. PULLING THROUGH won't save your hide all by itself, but it sure will give you a head start on pulling through by yourself.”