Predator's Waltz - Jay Brandon 1989 St. Martin's Press 1st edition HBDJ

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Blurb: Pawnshop owner Daniel Greer is losing everything. In the seedy and rapidly changing Houston neighborhood where he built a solid business, a new Vietnamese competitor is stealing his customers. Desperate and too trusting, Greer mistakenly turns to a knife-sharp Vietnamese kingpin for help. Soon he and his wife Carol are thrust into the thick of a bloody Asian gang war - a clash that's seeping into the city's corridors of power and wealth. But not until Carol is kidnapped does Greer guess the scope of the dark, vicious game he has entered, and the frightening price he must pay for victory.Trapped between warring factions, terrified by the senseless violence exploding around him, Greer reluctantly prepares himself for battle. He'll risk anything to save his wife - and exact a very personal revenge.