Power With Grace - Isabel Eoss - 1975 Putnam Hardback

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The definitive biography of "our first woman President," Edith Bolling Wilson, the most influential and powerful First Lady in American History-by a leading biographer who knew Mrs. Wilson per-sonally.

Usurper of Presidential powers or a woman desperately striving to protect her husband from being hounded by anyone after his crippling stroke? Edith Bolling Wilson (1872-1962), born into an old Virginian family directly descended from Pocahontas, was a woman who epitomized "power with grace." It was her independence, warmth, and affection that drew the lonely, withdrawn President to her and began one of America's great

White House romances.

Here are the years of glory, the months of despair. We see through Edith's eyes Woodrow Wilson as never seen before: with familiarity. Drawing on private li-braries, correspondence with the princi-pals, and her personal interviews with Edith Wilson, Ishbel Ross has written more than a history, more than a biogra-phy. This is an engaging and inspiring story of one of the country's most re markable and noble women.

Back cover displays this quote: 

Mrs. Woodrow Wilson at the time of her marriage to President Wilson. The official painting in the White House by Adolf E. Muller-Ury. (1916)

-White House Collection