Picasso: Creator and Destroyer - Arianna Stassinopoulous Huffington - 1988 Hardback

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Blurb: “To the world he is known simply as Picasso, our century's towering artistic genius, an irresistible sexual sorcerer, a man whose inexhaustible creativity and legendary.

enormous personal magnetism have become

In this landmark biography, Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington penetrates the barriers of legend and for the first time brings Picasso to full, magnificent life.

Based on five years of research and scores of exclusive interviews, Picasso is the richest, most intimate and revealing portrait ever done of the man whose burning passions-for painting, for women, for ideas-were matched by his compulsion to invent reality in his life no less than in his art.

With an abundance of new discoveries and insights, the author has recreated the tragic story of a man who, from his teenage passion for a gypsy boy to the chilling bitterness and betrayals of his old age, was unable to love and was driven to dominate and humiliate the women-and the many men-who fell under his hypnotic spell.

Drawing on a wealth of startling revelations, includ. ing the vivid memories of Picasso's daughter Maya and the heretofore untold recollections of Francoise Gilot, who shared his life for ten years and bore two of his children, the author has stripped bare the romantic myths to reveal, in all its volatile complexity, Picasso's lifelong struggle between his power to create and his compulsion to destroy.