Perilous Dreams - Andre Norton (Kevin Eugene Johnson Cover)

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Publisher blurb: "Tam-sin knew dreams; she had been able to summon and dismiss them at her own will; they and the people in them had been but toys with which she could play at desire. Until she had dreamed for Lord Starrex and plunged them both into such a venture as she could not control. Somehow she had brought them here, to new identities, new adventure, and doubtless, new dangers.

But there was Kas, who had striven to put an end to both in two times, two worlds, and who must also have been wrenched with the into this, though not in her company?

She was to find out, and the doing was to bring her into the alien laws and unmapped lands of yet a third world, and eventually a fourth and a fifth . . .

For Tamisan, or Tam-sin, or whatever her name in whatever world, dreamed true—and in so doing altered continually the writing of the histories of the stars."